Real Estate broker Program

Real Estate broker Program

Search! Share! Earn! Home&Share rewards your effort with commission after we can sell a property because of your sharing.
Can I use the site as an individual?

Yes, of course.

Who pays the tax if I become eligible for the Commission as an individual?

After the Commission, we pay personal income TAX, social security contribution, social contribution TAX, and vocational training contribution TAX. From the gross amount of the Commission, after deducting the described TAX in this section, you will be entitled to the remaining amount.

Can I use the site as an entrepreneur or as a company?


Are the commissions listed on the page gross or net?

The amounts shown on the page are gross amounts, as the commission as well.

When is the commission paid?

The commission due will be paid by the 15th of the following month. See the GTC for exact details.